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Why Choose Southern Crescent Technical College?

Connect with Faculty and Explore Training Programs

Explore Our Programs and Connect with Faculty

Explore Our Programs, connect with a Recruiter, or Request a Tour.

Discover Your Career

The Career Services Team, Advisement Center, and Faculty Advisors are standing by to assist you in finding the right career and training program.

Discover Your Career
Learn about Student Life and Activities

Learn About Student Life and Activities

Southern Crescent Technical College offers a dynamic range of student organizations and activities including Student Athletics, Student Government Association, GOAL Award Program, Student Activities and Events, SkillsUSA, and other Clubs.

Programs and Tools for Student Success

Southern Crescent Technical College is committed to providing students with every opportunity for success with tools and services such as Veteran's Services, Tutoring, Graduation Coaching, Career Services, Personal Counseling, and Special Services

Programs and Tools for Student Sucess

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Watch the live stream of the 2024 Graduation Commencement at 0ey.fp338.com/live on Friday May 10 at 10:00am and 2:00pm.